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Information on the basic supply tariff and the basic supplier in the Mersch distribution network

The amended law of 1 August 2007 on the organisation of the electricity market provides that all end customers who have not yet concluded a supply contract with an energy supplier are supplied by a primary supplier (fournisseur par défaut). For the network operated by Electris par Hoffmann Frères Energie et Bois S.à r.l., the Luxembourg regulatory authority “Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation” (ILR) has designated Electris par Hoffmann Frères Energie et Bois S.à r.l. as the basic supplier for a period of 3 years on the basis of the decision “ILR/E20/26” of 26 May 2020.

As the prices applicable to the basic supply are more expensive than those for a standard supply contract, we recommend that you conclude a supply contract with a supplier of your choice as soon as possible. The supplier will then take all the steps necessary to supply your delivery point to initiate the switch to a supply contract, which will automatically end the basic supply. The maximum duration of the basic supply set by law is a maximum of 6 months for customers in the low-voltage grid and a maximum of 2 months for customers in the medium or high-voltage grid. After this period, your supply will be terminated immediately until you have signed a valid electricity supply contract. The ILR has also set up a website for electricity and gas (www.calculix.lu), which makes it easier to compare prices of all offers for private customers. For more information on the electricity market, call the ILR hotline (+352) 28 228 888.