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What does Be Smart mean?

Your partner for a sustainable future

We have made it our mission to lead our partners and customers into a sustainable future. To ensure this complex task, we continue to work on innovative solutions in the background. Our goal within the framework of Be Smart is to develop new energy-related services in order to be able to offer our customers fully comprehensive and smart energy solutions.

Electris and gridX – partners for a sustainable and smart future

With our partner gridX, we are developing energy solutions for the future. In particular, the efficient use and distribution of energy plays a central role. Learn, for example, how we solve the problem of energy distribution for e-mobility together with gridX:

Our load and charge management

We offer you the possibility to operate a dynamic load and charging management on site. With load management, you can install several charging stations for electric cars without overloading your connection or causing high load peaks. Based on different rules, the energy can then be distributed to all electric vehicles to be charged.

The best energy is energy that is saved!

Electris supports you in all matters of energy efficiency. We advise you on specific energy measures and reward you for energy savings. To do this, we follow a simple process:


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.