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Your professional electric mobility partner

Electris can help you with all your questions about charging options for your company.

With our experience, we help companies of all sizes with their various electromobility requirements. We also accompany and carry out large and complex projects.

We offer you the possibility to handle all points and steps around the topic of charging infrastructure with a competent partner.

Start our enquiry form now and send us your requirements for your individual charging need.

You would like to set up a charging infrastructure for your company?

Then contact us and describe the more specific requirements and details via our e-mobility request form:


Different charging points for different requirements

Every business is different. And so are the individual requirements for on-site charging solutions. We will guide you through the multitude of options to your charging solution as quickly as possible. The following charging types are available: 

AC charger

The “classic” charging pole with a standard charging capacity of a maximum of 22 kW is the optimal solution for a company fleet with longer regular standing times, e.g. at night. But these models are also suitable as an offer for charging electric employee vehicles during working hours. We work with well-known manufacturers such as Mennekes, Powerdale and PCE.

DC charger

If you need to charge large amounts of electricity into the battery of your electric vehicle quickly, a DC charger is the ideal alternative. With maximum charging capacities of 150 kW per charging point, you can even fill up large batteries within a short time. Here we offer for example the Hypercharger from alpitronic.

Flexible and individual financing options

Electris examines your location and offers you the financing options that are right for you. For selected projects, we take over parts of the investment sum or even the complete financing of the location. We will work out a suitable offer for you.

Load and charge management

Whenever more than one charging point is used, the topic of charging management becomes more important and complex. So that you can simply outsource this to a partner with experience, there is us! Fill out our form with your available information and we will be happy to review your individual project. 

Interested in charging rates for your company?

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Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.