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How Electris supports your company in electromobility

  • Are you like Sophie and Anne, the happy couple from the electromobility video?
  • Are you looking for a provider that supports you in as many aspects of mobility and energy as possible?

Someone to guide you through the challenges to a complete solution? Then welcome to Electris, your reliable partner for electric mobility in Luxembourg!

Our electric mobility solution for a sustainable future

With the decision for an electric car and a more sustainable mobility, the question of how best to charge outside your own four walls or the company surrounding always comes up. With Electris e-mobility products, you can charge your electric vehicle in a particularly environmentally friendly and affordable way. Get 100% certified and clean green electricity and take off emission-free!

In addition, our Switch MOVE and Switch MOVE Festival charging tariffs meet the requirements of the eligibility criteria for the “Premium programme for zero-emission or low-emission vehicles” of the national energy and climate plan of the government in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, you can charge your electric car at low cost at all charging points (AC and DC) with us as your partner. Here you will find an overview of all charging points that belong to the Chargy network:

Load throughout Europe at transparent prices

Would you like to locate charging stations in a few moments and charge your electric car carefree all over Europe? In addition to our attractive prices in the Chargy network, we also offer you access to a charging network with more than 150,000 charging points. Simply use our “Let’s Charge” app. On our interactive map, you can find a suitable charging point near you at any time, conveniently charge your car and adapt it to your personal route. 

Open an account in a few minutes with your smartphone. Then you can load flexibly with our app. You can adapt your payment method to your personal needs. You can also easily pay directly via your smartphone or by credit card. This works at all Electris charging points and in the Europe-wide roaming network (approx. 150,000 charging points). When you register, you enter your payment method and can change it at any time.

We guide you through the complex European charging network with transparent prices:

The charging price for each available charging station can be seen transparently in our app Let’s Charge. This means you always know exactly what you are paying for and will not experience any unpleasant surprises.

Learn in the following video how Electris can help when buying an electric car:

Here you will find an overview of the charging stations that can be used with Let’s Charge. Discover the Europe-wide network!


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.