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Load and charge management

You don’t want to invest extra to expand your connection, but at the same time want to provide enough charging options with sufficient charge for your customers and/or employees? No problem! Maria (our actress in the video) shows you how this can be easily done with Electris.

We offer you the possibility to operate a dynamic load and charging management on site. With load management, you can install several charging stations for electric cars without overloading your connection or causing high load peaks. Based on different rules, the energy can then be distributed to all electric vehicles to be charged. 

No Charging Management

This is the situation at a location without charging management: 

Static load management

Depending on the situation on site, it can make sense to install static or dynamic charging management. With static load management, a fixed maximum power is distributed to the charging points. This is set centrally and transmitted to the individual charging stations. With Electris, this setting can be made across manufacturers. For this purpose, the charging stations are connected to gridBox and controlled. Here is a visual representation: 

Dynamic load management

With dynamic load management, the current power at the grid connection is measured and the charging power is flexibly adjusted. Electris also uses the gridBox for this purpose, which can do this for you in a manufacturer-independent backend. The data is processed in the box and transmitted to the individual charging stations. In contrast to static charging management, all consumers are taken into account in this calculation. 

The implementation of dynamic charging management is currently only possible at medium-voltage connections and higher. Static charging management, on the other hand, can be used at any location.

Contact Us

We would be happy to advise you on a suitable load and charge management solution. Just contact the Key Account Management Team, like Maria, and we will be happy to help.