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Electris, your location partner for electromobility

You have decided to take the path to sustainable mobility?
Are you also looking for a partner who can support you in all aspects?

In order to actively support the energy transition in mobility, we offer to maintain your entire site as part of our complete package for B2B customers. We will be happy to advise you on the following services, which you can put together in a completely flexible way to meet your needs:

Financing options and, if applicable, investment participation in your charging infrastructure

You are reluctant to make the initial investment in the site? No problem!

Electris examines your location and offers you the financing options that are right for you. We are happy to take over parts of the investment or even the complete financing of the site. We will work out a suitable offer for you.

Call centre support, maintenance and fault management at the charging stations we manage

You are reluctant to deal with malfunctions, the advisory hotline or even maintenance intervals? No problem! 

We will be happy to advise you on holistic management concepts that are tailored to your location. We work with partners for 24/7 call centre support. In addition, we are happy to organise maintenance with our electrician and check the function of your charging pole daily via our fully comprehensive backend. We make sure that your customers and employees can charge. So you can concentrate on your core business!

Setup of your individual app and issuing of charging cards

You want all the information immediately? No problem! With our “Let’s Charge Pro” app, you can view the following information at any time:

  • Overview of all information on your own charging infrastructure at a glance.
  • Analyse charging, consumption and turnover of all your employees and customers.
  • Identify faults and track when they have been corrected.

Flexible variants of payroll services for your employees and customers

You do not want to invest in your own accounting system and processes? No problem! 

As part of our complete package, we take over as part of this service:

  • The billing of the charged energy quantities to your customers and employees.
  • The dunning process for unpaid invoices.
  • The crediting of the paid loading quantities. 
  • Providing a charging app for your employees and customers.
  • The flexible tariff design for every location and every customer group.


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.