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Network charges Electris

Electris is subject to strict regulation by the regulatory authority ILR. This authority reviews and approves the tariffs applied for by Electris in the areas of network, metering and connections every year.

Structure and modality of the grid charge for grid use

The network charge is made up of the following components:

  • Use of the infrastructure

Performance of the so-called system services:

  • Frequency maintenance
  • Voltage maintenance
  • Grid operation by the administrator
  • Restoration of power in the event of an outage
  • Loss compensation of active energy

The charges also depend on the annual period of use.

Overview of the currently valid grid charges (as of 01.01.2023)

Exceptional Increase for grid Charges in 2023!

In the following communication from the ILR, you can learn more about the background to the significant price increases for grid usage costs in 2023:


Low voltage (LV) grid usage without own production facility

Electricity per phase (A)Billing price per month (€)
4016,78 €
5019,62 €
6329,38 €
8034,22 €
10039,90 €
12064,77 €
each additional 20A beyond the 120A5,69 €

Medium voltage (MV) grid usage

VoltageVoltage Power
< 3000 h
< 3000 h
> 3000 h
> 3000 h
220 kV21,450,0418111,580,0117
65 kV27,280,028931,110,0276
20 kV42,370,0710167,860,0292

Low-voltage grid usage (LV)

The charge for LV grid usage is 0.0893 €/kWh

Power provision

  • Provision per 10kVA: 18.92 €/10kVA/month
  • Contribution to maintenance costs MV & LV for transformer station use: 4.73 €/10kVA/month

Metering charges medium voltage (MV)

  • Charge for MV meter, LV side metered, between 40kVA et 69kVA: 11,48 €/month
  • Charge for MV meter, LV side measured, over 69kVA: 30,66 €/month
  • Charge for MV meter, MV side measured: 112,49 €/month