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Grid connection

The main connection is the connection between the distribution network and the customer installation. It begins in the distribution box and ends at the house connection fuse in the junction box.

We know that you as a building owner have difficult tasks on a daily basis. As soon as the permit for your planned construction project has been granted, you have to plan, organise and make decisions. Of course, also regarding your grid connection.

We would like to support you in the best possible way. When it comes to building projects, timely and careful planning will save you time and money.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requests with you. You can easily register your project with us online using the forms we provide.

You are building in our network?

To make all arrangements regarding the electricity supply during the construction phase (construction site energy supply) as stress-free as possible in the run-up to the construction project, as well as the installation of a smart meter for recording consumption after completion of all electrical installations, you should contact the responsible network operator for the location of your construction project in good time.

If the site of your building project is within the Electris network area, you can complete the corresponding application using the following form:

Below you can find the network area covered by Electris

Modification of your grid connection

Do you need a grid connection reinforcement or an adaptation of your existing installation or would you like to technically modify an existing PV system? Feel free to have a look at our product selection:

Registration of electrical consumer devices

All electrical consumer devices with more power than 4.6 kVA (1-phase) and 12 kVA (3-phase), are subject to registration with your network operator. An exception is the charging infrastructure. This must already be registered from 7 kW. Among others, the following are subject to the obligation to register:

  • Charging infrastructure > 7 kW (wallboxes, charging columns)
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioners
  • Electric heaters
  • Elevator
  • Single devices with nominal power of > 4.6 kVA (1-phase) or 12 kVA (3-phase)

We recommend that you contact your electrical installer before registering your equipment.
For further information, please refer to chapter 9 of the low-voltage TABs. These can be found on our documents / forms page.

Meter Disconnection

On request, the grid operator can temporarily suspend (disconnect) the power supply. The monthly standing charges will be waived if the use of the grid is suspended. This could be useful, for example, when the apartment is standing empty.

The disconnection usually takes place via the so-called “smart meter”. If no smart meter has been installed for your connection yet, the disconnection must be done locally and may be associated with higher costs than the “remote disconnection”.

Please note that the heating system may also be affected by a power cut-off (disconnection). This could have negative consequences (dampness, mould, frost damage or burst pipes) and correspondingly affect the building fabric.

A power cut-off should not be confused with the permanent disconnection, where the meter is permanently removed together with the grid connection. If you desire permanent disconnection, please use the form below, which is provided for this purpose.


Permanent Disconnection

You have an object that is being demolished or dismantled and it is necessary to remove the electricity connection? In this case, please contact us using the following form and provide us with the necessary details: