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Electris as electricity grid operator in Mersch, Rollingen and Beringen

Electris has been operating the local electricity grid in the communities of Mersch, Rollingen and Beringen for more than a century. The tasks for which we are responsible and which have to be fulfilled are diverse. For example, the implementation of new connections and connection reinforcements, the regular maintenance of the grid infrastructure and the fulfilment of the emergency fault service are part of the tasks that Electris performs in this function.

We fulfil these tasks with the help of our competent and motivated team of specialists in the fields of electrical installation, electrical engineering and network planning.

Below you can find the network area covered by Electris

Data & facts

Would you like to get a detailed insight into our electricity grid? Here you will find all the facts and figures up to date.

SpreadStatus: 01.01.2022
Overhead lines Medium voltage MV1,6 km
Underground cable MV102 km
Earth cable low voltage LV165 km
Private connections low voltage LV4.348
Transformer stations 20 kV/400 V46
Customer stations 20 kV/400 V28
Total annual consumption 202040.466 MWh
Annual maximum output 20208,0 MW
Combined heat and power plants3
Installed power0,5 MW
Photovoltaic systems148
Installed power2,63 MWp


Our experienced experts on the topics of grid connections, integration of self-generation plants, "smart meter" and much more are happy to be there for you personally.