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Locating and marking the network

For all earthworks, drilling and road construction work, it is particularly important to check in advance that there are no underground power lines in the immediate vicinity. Even if underground cables are insulated, they can still be damaged by excavators or similar construction machinery.

Please contact us at an early stage so that we can inform you of any underground electrical cables that may be present.

In addition, make sure that all work is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the accident insurance association

Are you a property developer or construction company planning work in an area of the Electris network?

In the run-up to all construction work on roads, it must be checked in advance whether there are underground power lines in the affected area that could be damaged during civil engineering work with excavators or other machines. To carry out an exact survey of the affected road area, please contact us with the necessary information using the following form:

Contact us

Please contact us to let you know about any underground electrical cables that may be present.