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Stations de production d'énergie éolienne et solaire

Photovoltaic System

Sustainability for you – your Electris photovoltaic system!

We offer you everything around energy, now also an Electris photovoltaic system. With our reliable partner we accompany you through the complete process and are your contact in all matters:

  • Planning and advice on photovoltaic system & battery storage
  • Offer & amortization calculation
  • Assembly & coordination
  • Support for commercialization of photovoltaic energy and application for subsidies (subsidies / commercialization page)
  • Advice on other suitable energy solutions (Home Energy Management, Wallbox etc.)

This means for you: Generate energy with every ray of sunlight, save money and get a well thought-out solution for your complete energy generation and consumption. This is available in a complete package only from us!

Please feel free to fill out a non-binding & digital inquiry with us. You will promptly receive initial information on how to proceed.

Are you looking for customized solutions for a wallbox?

Would you like to learn more about the use of wallboxes to match your photovoltaic solution? Also, are you interested in services around possible charging solutions?

Take a look at our page on the topic of electromobility and get detailed information.

Would you like to learn more about sustainable and favorable electricity tariffs?

Calculate the right tariff for you right here.

Feel free to take a look at our tariff pages and find out more:

Are you interested in the supply of (eco) gas?

We offer interesting conditions for electricity and gas. Calculate the right tariff for you here immediately.

Please also have a look at our tariff pages and find out more: