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Stations de production d'énergie éolienne et solaire

Power generating plants

Guaranteed feed-in tariff

The guaranteed feed-in tariff contract is concluded directly with the grid operator. Depending on the type of energy, different plant sizes fall into this remuneration. You can check this for your energy type at the following link:


If you would like to conclude a contract for the guaranteed feed-in tariff in our grid area, please provide us with information about your plant using the following form:

Registration of your generation plant

All power generation plants (except PV plants smaller than 800W) are subject to registration with your grid operator. We ask you to register your plant with us before commissioning. Please use the following form for this purpose:

Re-registration of your generation plant

You would like to change the name of your generating plant to another natural or legal person? Then please fill out the following Journey:

Grid connection modification

Do you need a grid connection reinforcement, an adaptation of your existing installation or would you like to technically modify an existing PV system? Then please take a look at our product selection for this:

Registration of a community

There are several models for using generated energy yourself or sharing it with other participants under certain conditions. Here is an explanation of each model:

AER – I :

  • Individual self-consumption. You use your own generation plant to supply energy to the same building.
  • The network user and the producer are the same natural / legal person.

AER – C :

  • The generation plant is located behind the same grid connection point where the grid users are.
  • The network user and the producer are not the same natural / legal person.
  • Classic example: tenant in an apartment building. The building owner owns the plant. Then you can apply for an AER – C between owner and the tenant / tenants.


  • Participation in a CER is subject to a prior technical feasibility review by the grid operator.
  • In a district, all network users establish their own legal entity.
  • The PODs must all be located in the same network segment (i.e. behind a transformer station).