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Electris – your partner for the energy supply of your new building project

A new building project can put a lot of strain on you as a builder and requires detailed planning and consideration of many relevant issues.

Learn in the following video how Electris can help you with all your energy questions during a house construction:

Our advantages

There are also some points to consider around energy. Did you know that Electris can fully support you in the following points:

Early notification to the grid operator

To ensure that the grid operator has enough time to provide you with the connection and construction electricity, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. You can find more information about our grid activities and our grid area here:

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Early selection of the appropriate energy supplier

We recommend that you choose a supplier at least two weeks before the planned move-in date, who will take over the electricity supply and possible gas supply for the new address. Electris is your supplier for a reliable, uncomplicated, and sustainable energy supply in Luxembourg.

To keep the effort for you as low as possible, you can calculate the tariff within a few minutes and conclude the contract online and paperless.

In addition to energy supply, we also offer comprehensive services and advice in the areas of electromobility, smart energy use and sustainability.


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.