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Your energy for more sustainability

How can my behaviour and energy use become more sustainable? Does “green energy” necessarily cost more money and what are my benefits when switching to green electricity and green natural gas?

These and many other questions arise in the context of considerations for more sustainability. So that you are not left alone with these questions, we are at your side with the appropriate answers and competent advice.

Learn how Electris can help you with all your sustainability needs in the following video:

Our advantages summarised for you

  • Compare environmentally friendly tariffs for (green) electricity, green gas and e-mobility in just a few minutes.
  • Attractive conditions and discounts when concluding a contract.
  • Conclude the contract online and paperless.
  • Direct access to all data and documents in the MyElectris customer portal.
  • Stress-free acquisition of your own charging options.
  • Energy communities.

Sustainability for your mobility?

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of electric mobility and options for setting up a private charging facility incl. charging tariff and charging card for the whole of Europe?

Take a look at our Electromobility page for detailed information

Sustainability for your electricity and gas supply?

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of ecological electricity and gas supply? 

  • Take a look at our page on electricity for detailed information.
  • Check out our page on natural gas for detailed information.

Sustainability at Electris

Would you like to learn more about sustainability at Electris? Then take a look at the following page:

Stations de production d'énergie éolienne et solaire


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.