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Electris as a driving force of sustainable energy projects

Electris initiates and supports a variety of projects around the topic of energy.

We take the sustainable development of our environment and our actions very seriously and are committed to clean and renewable energy.

For example, our Switch Mono BLUE electricity supply contract meets the quality criteria for “green” electricity set by Greenpeace, the Mouvement Écologique and Eurosolar.

100% ecologically, the energy for Switch Pro BLUE is produced in modern hydroelectric power plants that are no more than six years old and use natural hydropower, without any CO2 emissions or environmentally harmful waste.

Energy generation – green and local

In addition to the green electricity tariffs, we offer today our energy transition efforts go much further – Electris is involved in the development of a wind farm in the municipality of Mersch to generate a large part of the energy consumed in the surrounding area in local wind turbines. Local and emission-free energy generation represents an important milestone for sustainability and resource-efficient business and is one of the most important projects in our line-up for an emission-free future of energy production.

Green and ecological tariff offers

Private households and companies are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility towards the environment and nature. To turn sustainable thinking and theories into concrete action for greener action, Electris has developed various green and ecological tariff offers. By signing up for and being supplied by these tariffs, you can actively contribute to advancing the energy turnaround and making your energy consumption more compatible with nature and the environment without much trouble. 

You can easily upgrade our electricity tariffs to a 100% certified and clean green electricity tariff by choosing the BLUE option.

With our gas tariffs, we already supply completely CO2 neutral natural gas, which additionally contributes to improving the impact on nature by promoting projects to save CO2.

Our customers support the local forest

We have been investing in the future and sustainability of our local forest since 2010. To provide concrete support, we have already planted 5,050 deciduous trees in the forests in and around Mersch since 2010. To be precise, one tree for each of our customers who have decided to switch their contract to an environmentally friendly “online version” and thus not only save paper and shipping costs, but also cash. By taking out an online tariff, you can benefit from € 2 discount per month. 

More trees follow

In order to cater for our growing clientele and their conversion to electronic billing, the planting of further deciduous trees in the Mersch municipality is already planned for 2023. 

Here is an extract of pictures of our tree plantings