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Your reliable partner for e-mobility in Luxembourg!

Your partner for e-mobility in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a provider that supports you in as many aspects of electromobility and energy as possible? Someone who can help you get started with e-mobility with an uncomplicated and complete solution?

Welcome to Electris, your reliable partner for all matters around electric mobility in Luxembourg!

Discover our products

Roaming „Let’s Charge“


  • Charge at more than 200,000 charging points throughout Europe!
  • Prices are transparently visible in the app.
  • Charging point status directly visible.
  • Navigation option to the desired charging point.
  • All charging processes stored centralized in the app.
  • Optional order of a charging card in addition to the app for a fee.
  • Remote start and stop of the charging process via app.
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Switch Mobile


  • 100 % green electricity.
  • Switch Mobile Chargy Card.
  • For external charging at all Chargy, Chargy-Ok & Super-Chargy charging stations in Luxembourg.
  • Attractive charging rate for AC and DC charging.
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Why Electris as a partner for your e-mobility?

Find out in this video!

Our electric mobility solution for a sustainable future

Our advantages at a glance:

  • Offer attractive and certified green charging electricity.
  • Possibility of charging at over 200,000 charging points throughout Europe.
  • Offer wallboxes for your own four walls.

Calculate your customised e-mobility solution in just a few minutes

Calculate your offer/charging option in just a few minutes and switch to Electris. Once you have chosen a product, our excellent customer service will take care of everything else for you:

  • Termination of the contract with your previous electricity supplier.
  • Carrying out the supplier change process with your electricity network operator and registering Electris as your new electricity supplier.
  • Welcome letter and access to the MyElectris portal.

Interested in sustainable and cheap charging power for your own four walls?

Would you like to learn more about our Switch MOVE and Switch Mobile products? Calculate your best possible price immediately and get more info:

You can also visit our tariff pages directly for detailed information.

Interested in affordable and intelligent wallboxes for your home?

Would you like more information about our charging options for your four walls?

Find the right charging option for you immediately.

You are also welcome to visit our page for charging options for private customers and receive detailed information:

You want to charge everywhere in Europe at over 200,000 charging points?

Want more information about our charging app Let’s Charge? Check your options of our charging products now.

Also feel free to check out our Let’s Charge product page directly:

Stroum beweegt

Electris is a distinguished partner of the Stroum beweegt initiative.

Private and public actors work together to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Luxembourg and the transition to electric mobility.

engagement mobilität

How is Electris involved in the mobility transition?

Electris is closely involved in the implementation and expansion of the national charging infrastructure project “Chargy”. We expect a positive development of electric mobility, will cover a certain percentage of the vehicle fleet in the coming years. When research has improved battery technology to the extent that the ranges continue to increase, the weight and also the costs are reduced, then an attractive and sensible mobility alternative will be available to many sectors.

Due to its location in the Greater Region, Luxembourg is predestined to be a pioneer in electromobility. Cities and municipalities in particular will be able to benefit from this, because electric cars do not emit any pollutants and participate in traffic almost silently.

The basic prerequisite from Electris’ point of view is the provision of sufficient renewable energy to charge the increasing number of electric vehicles. This is exactly what we are working on. We already provide charging points in our network area in Mersch that are supplied with renewable energy.

If you have any questions about electromobility, please contact Electris. We have interesting information and attractive offers for you on the subject of electromobility!

Promotion “Clever primes”

In order to support the switch to electric mobility and to ensure the autonomy of electric vehicles in Luxembourg, the government offers a subsidy programme for the installation of private charging stations.

Who and what is subsidised?

  • Privat households – owner or user of an eligible parking space (private house or flat)
  • New charging station
  • Purchase of charging stations between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2024
  • Parking space located on Luxembourg territory
  • Maximum charging power limited to 11 kW and installed by a professional electrician
  • Only one parking space per user within the same building
  • No financial aid will be granted for charging stations intended for commercial operation or resale
  • More information at: https://www.klima-agence.lu/en
Parking spacesCharging station GrantApplicant
1-3 spacesSimple charging station*50% of the cost (excl. VAT)
Up to € 750
 1-3 spacesSmart charging station**50% of the cost (excl. VAT)
Up to € 1,200
≤ 4 spacesIntelligent charging station**50% of the costs (excl. VAT).Tenant
Property manager (Syndic)
≥ 4 spacesIn a collective intelligent
load management system
integrated charging station*
50% of the costs (excl. VAT)
Up to € 1,650

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