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Get started with electromobility with Electris!

With the Switch Move Festival tariff, we not only offer you low-cost charging power for your home.

This product is currently not available.

Electricity supplier, grid operator and many more

As an electricity supplier and grid operator, Electris is not only interested in guaranteeing you a secure supply. We also focus on a sustainable future and underline this in our commitment to electric mobility

In addition, our charging tariff Switch Move Festival meets the requirements of the eligibility criteria for the “Premium Programme for Zero or Low Emission Vehicles” of the National Energy and Climate Plan of the government in Luxembourg. 

As a special feature, we offer you a particularly long price commitment of 24 months with the SwitchMOVE Festival tariff. In addition, the tariff includes a bonus of 250 km range as a particularly favourable start to electric mobility!

Find the tariff that suits you best in no time!

Calculate your tariff in just a few minutes and switch to Electris. Once you have chosen a tariff, our excellent customer service will take care of everything else for you:

  • Cancellation of the contract with your previous electricity supplier.
  • Registration with your network operator.
  • Welcome letter and access to the MyElectris portal.

150,000 charging points

We also give you access to 150,000 charging points in Luxembourg and Europe at transparent and competitive prices. Learn more here:

“Clever Primes” subsidies

Would you like to find out more about government subsidies for the purchase of an electric vehicle?

Switching your electricity supplier is this easy

Let us explain to you how quickly and easily you can change your electricity supplier in Luxembourg:


Our experienced experts on the topics of energy contracts, electromobility and smart energy use are happy to help you.